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“Relevant and practical…”


The following are excerpts from a paper written by Shelly Roe, a recent LSCI graduate from the full 4 day certification. During the training participants are given the opportunity to apply for Master’s level credit if they complete the class work and a paper. Shelly’s writing gives you some idea of how practical LSCI is when you are working with struggling students.

Shelly writes, “I recently attended Life Space Crisis Intervention (LSCI) training and was pleasantly surprised by how relevant and new the information was for me and my career as a junior high school counselor in Sweet Home, Oregon. While a four-day training sounded long to begin with, I soon found that the training could have been longer without a problem because of how much useful information I was learning.”

She also states that, “during the LSCI training, I felt like my counseling skills blended well with the LSCI process. My first instinct when working with students after or during a crisis is to allow some drain off of their emotions. I have seen others try to reason with students right after a crisis and it is almost never successful. What I see happen most of the time is students become even more upset and end up making decisions that get them into more trouble. It usually does not take long for students to reach a place where they can talk about what happened if they are given the space to calm down. If pushed, however, not only do they make more negative decisions, they also do not learn anything positive from the experience. LSCI takes both of these into account by including a drain off stage and helping students see what they can do differently in future situations.”

Shelly recognizes the importance of teaching students “New Skills” as a Reclaiming Intervention during a conflict. She states “Talking about skills is not as effective as actually acting out potential scenarios. Just as role-playing at the LSCI training helped us to feel more confident to bring LSCI back to our workplaces, it helps students feel more confident that they can make good choices when they go back to class after they have role-played different classroom situations.”

I appreciate Shelly’s thoughts on how LSCI is working in her work place. How has your 4 day training blended into what you do every day?

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