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Finally! Here it is…


Welcome to our new Linn County Life Space Crisis Intervention blog!

    From the initial vision of our Juvenile Department Director, Torri Lynn, that a “cognitive conversation skill technique” could be taught to multi-agency staff to be used throughout the county, to now having over 260 people trained in LSCI from our schools, the Juvenile Department, Linn County Mental Health, Linn County Alcohol and Drug, the Boys & Girls Club, LBL ESD, DHS, Family Tree Relief Nursery, etc., it has certainly been an adventure! We have been fortunate to have the support from the Linn County Safe Schools Project to lay the groundwork needed to get our local trainers certified to provide this training to others in Oregon. Our own trainers Kela Lynn and Troy Fuller are preparing to do their next training this coming week August 13-16th. They are ready and able to provide training and support as you implement LSCI skills and practices.

    I can’t go any further without mentioning Mike Perry; LSCI master trainer extraordinaire, who provided our initial trainings and then supported and encouraged us every step along the way. Of course, any of you who completed the training with Mike know what a wonderful trainer and person he is! Thanks Mike!

    Our goals for this blog are to provide easy and accessible links to information, opportunities, and resources that support your LSCI training & implementation. Look at the site, try the links and let us know what you think will be helpful. We are hoping to gather stories from those of you who are using LSCI and what you believe is making a difference in your work. Start thinking about the student or youth you’d like to share a story of, as we continue to strengthen our own skills in our work with kids and their families.

    Over these last three years we have affirmed over and over the power of being able to really listen to kids we serve. How, by having respectful conversations with these challenging youth, we can develop the trust that is necessary to support the insights and skills for real and meaningful behavior change.

So stay tuned! This is entry #1… the first of many to come!
Not familiar with LSCI? Go to http://www.LSCI.org to learn more.

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